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TEAM Premium Access - Annual Plan

TEAM Empowers Musicians with a Revolutionary Multi-Step Process to Create Masterpiece Quality Music, Gain Business Savvy and Score Lucrative Deals.

TEAM is creating a Renaissance in the Entertainment Industry by Revolutionizing the Approach to Artist Development, Music Creation and Licensing.

The Premium Membership gives you direct access to our community and includes these online training programs:

  • The TEAM Process: The Music Assembly Line to Success
  • Character Counts - Personal Development Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Mastermind Weekly Calls
  • Lucrative Home Studio
  • Get Your Music Licensed
  • Super Detailed Monthly Song Critique
  • Masterpiece Recording Certificate

You will have immediate access to all the training modules and can study at your own pace and in any order that makes sense for you. We utilize a personalized approach and proprietary techniques to help YOU dramatically increase the marketability of YOUR music and YOUR personal success as a musician, composer or producer.

 TEAM is a rare business opportunity for you. 

Take it.

What People Are Saying:

This system, and approach to life, has increased my quality of music and my life in numerous ways. I’m making better music, better money, and increasing my competence and confidence regularly. I’ve always wanted to write for media/films, and just in this last month I landed my first job writing the entire score and doing sound design for a documentary film. With my newfound skills and confidence, I know it will be the first of many, and the entire TEAM process (of which Vice Watch is the first and very important part) has played a vital role in my recent success. I will forever be grateful to Gary Gray, and the entire TEAM organization, for helping me reach my goals and realize my dreams.

E. J.

I was recently contacted by one of the top 20 trailer music libraries in the world, and another big trailer music library is interested in working with me after I sent them my music. Both companies want to collaborate with me, and possibly license my music if the opportunity arises. TEAM helped me with those wins in many ways. The TEAM process gave me the confidence that I can create professional sounding music in my own home studio, that can compete with music that's recorded in high-end studios. Before I joined TEAM I was struggling to mix and master my own music, but the TEAM process cut my time learning it in at least half (if not more). The detailed critiques on my music helped me quickly improve my ear and become my own critic. Being part of a community within the music industry, lead by a professional with a lot of experience, is also very helpful.


One of my LoFi songs (Le Bleu) that started out as an Aquarium Reef submission for TEAM that I developed further has had 100,000+ streams on Spotify and another one of my LoFi tracks (Firefly) has now over 75.000 streams on Spotify. I have also followed and successfully completed a course for Mixing & Mastering – my fellow students were all very experienced professionals. Thanks to my training through TEAM, I managed to follow the very steep learning curve and I am now a certified mixing and mastering engineer.


My mixes have improved a lot as a result of TEAM, and through the MasterMinds, I have a much better understanding of what music supervisors and editors require. I have also found that taking the TEAM approach of networking through helping another human being has brought me opportunities in my music career.


My biggest improvement this year came as a direct result of integrating the Checkerboard A/B machine into my workflow. I use this tool every time I mix and every time I mix my ear gets better. It also improves and regulates my confidence level and creates a "home" to return to if I ever get stuck. It's truly a life-changing system.