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Social Media Marketing is a subject worth knowing and applying for any musician. If not directly, then at least via a collaborator, colleague, intern or assistant. In this eBook, you will benefit from a well-researched step-by-step roadmap to help you promote your music and yourself as an artist on social media. Whether you are brand new or a posting veteran, you’re going to learn how to make the most of the various platforms, grow your following, and most importantly, turn that following into active fans who buy your music, merch, and tickets.


THIS BOOKLET is about putting you in a position where you can flourish and prosper. Learn what it takes to consistently create music in your home studio that gets licensed and creates lucrative income. Discover a philosophy and system for success as an indie musician that you will not find anywhere else. 18 time-tested steps that you can follow to up your
game across the board as a musician and music producer so that you consistently create masterpiece quality recordings that will stand up to
anything in the marketplace.


If you have a home studio — whether you’re a songwriter recording your own songs or a professional producer/engineer servicing clients — how you set up your gear, and how you establish your workflow are vitally important.

With the right setup, even less expensive speakers and headphones can perform and sound great. With the right workflow, you can then optimize that setup and create consistently excellent results.