TEAM Premium Access

This exclusive membership-based service will show you how to build a money-making business around your music through: creating your own music assembly line, personal character development, song critiques, music licensing, music production, marketing and promotion, music business professionalism and access to networking channels and the savvy needed to navigate it all. We will teach you how you can create the music you love and how to make others love it so much that you actually profit from it.  Again and again. 


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TEAM Essential Training

Team Essential Training combines all of the most popular New Artist Model online courses into a single low-cost subscription. This online training will show you step-by-step how to organize your music as a business so that you can gain recognition and increase your income. Courses include the Get Your Music Licensed and the Lucrative Home Studio, and you get access to our Weekly MasterMind Zoom calls (and replay recordings). Create a plan for success, build your team, find a market for your music, grow your audience and get your music out there.


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Get Your Music Licensed

Get Your Music Licensed is a step-by-step system to get your music licensed for use in movies, television, commercials, video games, YouTube and more. Take action immediately and start licensing the music you love to make.  You’ll get more than 100 music licensing leads and learn how to get sync deals, song placements and make money licensing your music.

$297 USD

Lucrative Home Studio

This self-paced music production course will take your production chops WAY beyond tracking, mixing and mastering. See how to produce your way to recognition and secure top clients for your home studio. See how to produce broadcast-ready music in your home studio that will stand up to anything on the radio. Get proficient in the business, technical, and secrets of building and operating a successful home studio.

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Get Your Song Critiqued

Have a great song that you love but not sure it's ready for radio airplay or prime-time commercial sync licensing deals? Get a thorough written critique of your track by award-winning producer Gary Gray. See how to consistently get LUCRATIVE Film and TV sync placements! Gary will help you improve the writing, arrangement, composition and production in your songs and guide you to understand your strengths as a songwriter, producer and artist.

$397 USD