The Music Industry is a People Business - Take Every Opportunity to Connect

synclicensing Jun 17, 2024


A recent weekly TEAM Mastermind featured George Streicher, a composer with a wide range of works in film, television and video games. His credits include Tubi's "Corrective Measures" and the Comedy Bang Bang series "Total Badass Wrestling." He's composed music for video games such as "Harry Potter: Magic Awakened" and contributed music to Nickelodeon's "The Smurfs" and Cartoon Network's "Apple & Onion." His musical styles range from sweeping, orchestral scores to more intimate, textural scores. 

Network, Connect, Make Friends

George shared a lot of great tips, tools, and techniques during our chat. In this excerpt from our conversation, George reminds us that connecting - networking and making friends - is such a vital element to success. People like to work with people they know and connect with!

As Gary Gray likes to say, "If I'm not networking, I'm not working"! 

Speaking of networking, we hope to see you soon in one of our weekly Mastermind sessions, where you can connect with colleagues and industry experts (and once you have access to the Masterminds, you'll have access to the replay recording of George's session)!


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