Music Supervisor Overview: Pamela Liptak Gives us a Peek Into Her World

#synclicensing synclicensing synclicensingtips May 06, 2024

In this excerpt from the April 20, 2024 Mastermind session (more on the weekly Masterminds below), music supervisor Pamela Liptak provides an excellent, high level overview of what she does as a music supervisor.

Music supervisors work with producers of film, television, commercials, and other streaming services, and help to find and clear music for use on their productions. Pamela notes these three frequent requests:

  • Sometimes clients are looking for music supervisors to find music to use in their productions, looking for music that is going to make their production "pop" and get more eyes and ears on it.
  • Some clients will come to her with a specific song in mind that they are looking to get cleared ("Clearing" a song is essentially the process of ensuring that all involved parties have documented their agreement with expectations regarding splits of the writer's and producer's shares for the song, as well as clearing samples, etc., if needed. Learn more about all of the essential steps required to make sure your song is ready for licensing here: Preparing Your Music for Sync Licensing Deals - Vital Steps You Need to Take).
  • At times, clients will reach out early in the production process seeking Pamela's input on possible music for the production, providing her a script to pitch songs for, within a defined budget.

Check out the video clip for more of these experienced and informative insights into the role of the music supervisor!


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