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Attend a Special Pitching Session focused on music for Film, TV, and Video Games!

A Revolutionary Pitching Session. 

Like no other in the music industry! 


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Our listening and pitching sessions are revolutionary opportunities for you to interact directly and personally with award-winning professionals. In this special session focused on music for Film, TV, and Video Games, you will work with award-winning Music Supervisor Pamela Liptak; Billboard charting, award-winning Producer and Composer David Fogel; and Billboard charting, award-winning Music Producer, Engineer, and Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy Gary Gray who specializes in production for sync licensing. 

Before we explain further, let’s introduce you to these industry professionals:

A veteran from the Los Angeles entertainment community, Pamela Liptak has worked for Paramount, CBS, UPN, Fox Broadcasting Company, Warner Bros. Discovery and carries over 35 years of entertainment industry experience. Pamela prides herself on her openness and honesty, connecting with people and adding integrity to all her undertakings.  Innovation, awareness and 360 marketing strategy drive her every endeavor to the highest creative level. Pamela's creative agency, MATTER, has gained industry attention, winning accolades and known for their award-winning commercial, music and environmental media efforts alongside brands, television networks and organizations in the US and around the world.

David Fogel is a Billboard charting award-winning composer with a lifelong love of symphony music. Based in San Diego, California, Dr. Fogel has performed professionally since 1994. In 2018, he created a new genre of music -- the Symphonina -- as a means for introducing symphonic music to young audiences internationally. Dr. Fogel has received Telly and other awards for his compositions, including the soundtrack to Path of Totality: Eclipse 2017, which played in 40 planetariums around the world. Dr. Fogel is a member of BMI, Inc. In addition, he is an award-winning scientist and artificial intelligence pioneer, holding a Ph.D. from UC San Diego and was named in 2009 as one of the top-100 most-influential alumni in the then 50-year history of the university.

Gary Gray is a¬†Billboard charting A-List Award-Winning Composer, Songwriter, Producer/Engineer, as well as a Voting Member of the Grammy¬ģ Recording Academy, Judge for the Telly Awards and the Rock-Off (held at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame), Author of The Home Studio Bible, Journalist, and creator of the Revolutionary Checkerboard A/B¬†System for mixing and mastering, covered in detail in the online course The Lucrative Home Studio. Gary has had more than 100 million people in the last year alone hear his recording, mixing and mastering work on a Super Bowl commercial (Amazon) and a Disney Major Motion Picture (The Little Mermaid).


The June, 2024 Music for Film, TV, & Video Games

Pitching Session ($99) 

Number of people invited: 20

Date and Time: JUNE  (TBD), 2024 from 10am to Noon Pacific Time

Total Session Time: 2 Hours. You are encouraged to network and collaborate with other attendees. Learn valuable insights and gain an incredible education from the entire 2-hour event! Find out from each presentation exactly what kinds of tracks are being looked for in April of 2024!

Alloted time for you to personally network and present your music: You will be able to personally interact with Pamela, David, and Gary for six minutes. Your entire track will be listened to from beginning to end or you can create a "reel" with several tracks edited together. You will also receive valuable feedback and if your track is a good fit for a current or upcoming project, your track will be accepted for submission right then and there. Create a good impression. Get your face and your name remembered. Success in the Music Licensing world is all about relationships. 

Format: Zoom (You will receive your Zoom link after you sign up)

Revolutionary: The track you choose to present will be played all the way through, from beginning to end. No skipping around like in other ‚Äúlistening‚ÄĚ sessions. We employ the AudioMovers ListenTo plugin, used by film industry directors & composers and owned by Universal Records and Abbey Road Studios for pristine quality playback. We own the plugin - all you have to do is click on a link and you have access to pristine quality playback!

Share your complete intention, full musical message and the entire flowing emotional impact of your track with serious industry executives who are in a position to help you with your music career and licensing opportunities.  Receive live constructive, helpful feedback - and if your track fits an ongoing or future television, film, commercial or video game project, your music may be chosen for submission right then and there! 

Recommended for: Indie Musicians who are interested in getting their music into film, TV, or video games, and Indie Musicians new to the Music Licensing world who want to network and learn more about how to get their music licensed. 

What you need to do to prepare: Choose one track in mp3 format (320 kbps) of 3 minutes in length or less (or a 3 minute ‚Äúreel‚ÄĚ of more than one track - short sections of each track chosen by you, smoothly edited together one after the other). For any questions, email producer Gary Gray after you sign up at [email protected].


"After you sign up you'll receive a Free One-on-One Zoom call with me including a detailed Music Production Critique of your music."

‚Äč- Award-Winning Producer Gary Gray

(This offer is retroactive for anyone who already signed up)


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We will be offering more Pitching Sessions as well as  ELITE* Pitching Sessions in the coming months.  

*ELITE Sessions - You will be able to personally interact with industry professionals for a full 20 minutes of the 2 hours session. These exclusive, high-caliber sessions are limited to 5 individuals.



“I loved being a part of the very first session with Wendy Griffiths. Pamela Liptek and Gary Gray.  Each team member hosting the session brought their own strengths and expertise to the table to give useful, detailed and valuable feedback.  What was very different from most sessions was the ratio of artists/producers to the feedback team.  There were only 5 artist/producers getting feedback from 3 people in the industry. 

‚ÄúThis dynamic allowed time to share more music and to have a more intimate, less rushed experience.¬† It was really great.¬† I am definitely looking forward to attending more of these.‚ÄĚ

 - Lisa Dunn


“The small group session was ideal in that each participant was able to get personalized feedback on their song(s) which is invaluable. The honest, yet caring insight allows for introspection and growth towards whatever musical goals one may have. From Gary's moderation of the session to Wendy and Pamela sharing from their wealth of knowledge in the sync world, you can only grow from this experience and time of community. Prepare yourself, your music and your mind to give of your best and receive the same in return. Thank you for giving us your time and attention today. Looking forward to what the future holds. 

Warm Regards,"